Now That's It, Gosh Darn It!!!

Question of the Week: Alright! In the words of Popeye The Sailor Man – “That’s It, I’ve had all I can stand, and I can’t Stands No More!” When will the news be about something other than Tiger Woods?

Answer: It seems that the infatuation... with drama continues. This whole ordeal with Tiger Woods and his angels are playing out like a bad rash. They are all over the news, the internet and blogosphere; I believe there are more people watching him now than when he was on the greens.

Personally, I don’t care how many endorsements he loses because I still have to use the products anyway. How many of you are going to stop using AT&T or start using them? Exactly, doesn’t matter who is on the television saying that they use the product.

And how many of you have an account with Accenture because of Tiger? Accenture originated as the business and technology consulting division of accounting firm Arthur Anderson. Who in 2002 surrendered their CPA license due to being found guilty of criminal charges in relation to Enron. So I guess they are a solid representation of a strong moral fiber. (Laughing hysterically)

And then there is Gatorade, since the inception of Vitamin Water, they have been spinning their wheels, trying to get back on top of the market.

I’m not really sure how you feel about this but Tiger Woods’ financial woes are not pressing for me. When the unemployment rate in Illinois is over 10% and the housing foreclosure rate in Illinois is over 1%, Tiger Woods’ and his issues are not important. But what I have found to be important is how some media outlets have found a way to sway viewer concerns to frivolous information and away from things of major concern.

And let’s not forget about Robert Halderman, whose lawyer wrote “that if it is not a crime for Tiger Woods’ mistresses to seek payoffs for their silence, Halderman should not be charged with a crime for trying to make a deal with Letterman.” That is an ignorant outburst right there, just ignorant!

Men have been paying for the “puddy” for decades. That is Pay to Play at its finest. What Halderman was doing was extortion and is a far stretch from what Mistress #1 was doing. Ownership, needs to be grasped by all.

Tiger – You are an adulterer.
Elin - You are delusional.
Halderman – You are pathetic.
Civilization – We are clueless.
We need to worry and fix the problems in our lives and leave others alone.

“Attend your home and make it clean, through your thoughts, your words and your spirit you can influence many. Make them pure!” Excerpt from my upcoming book, Check Your Drawers.

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