ConTest: Double Life Review

ConTest: Double Life by Raheim Brooks
As submitted by me to Writer's Vibe Magazine.

Justice Lorenzo, an extraordinary character, a masterful felon with many tricks up his sleeve that could scare the average identity theft victim has real charisma. He undoubtedly knows his way around the criminal sector of life and has manipulated this way of life to cater to his needs and wants. As his arrogance, snappy responses and knowledge of the law make him a believably cocky character he is also smart, crafty and resourceful. Mr. Brooks did a good job getting us to believe that this man is unscrupulous.

William Fortune, another hot character who has the charm and money to swoon most women of destitute manner, but he has an award winning wife who is by no other standards a Ride-Or-Die chick. Her high profile job and beauty would cripple the ego of an insecure man, but not William Fortune. He’s a Best Selling criminal writer who happens to have a really close connection to Justice Lorenzo, whose life he is bringing to the pages of every manuscript in his writing career. No wonder the story is so good, it’s fiction based on reality.

This book is truly a gem of a plot filled with deception and mystery but the writing style of the author is quite complex. Numerous chapters ended at points that left the reader wondering what just happened, especially since it never picked up until the later chapters where Mr. Brooks pulled the loose ends together. A plus side is that each chapter was short (no more than 4 pages) which gave the reader great breakpoints and a feel that they were progressing through the book.

Another reference point to this book that I need to mention is how at times the author had so much to say about a scene that when it hit the paper, it didn’t flow as smoothly as the reader would want it to.

On page 193, “William continued to drive away from Silverstein’s in an emergency situation. Dire. In that post-9/11 society everyone had a practiced method to handle all emergencies. He responded to his alarm going off as quickly as inmates in a California pen hitting the ground when a tower guard yelled, “Yard Down!”  If that was true, why was William dragged out of his car at gun point by a masked man. A man that he didn’t not know……”
This excerpt let me asking these questions: Why do we have a post 9/11 reference? What alarm, I thought the man was driving? Why are we talking about jail calls when you just told me about 9/11? If he is driving how did he get pulled out his car? If the man was masked, how would he know who it is?

All in all, I liked the plot and what Mr. Brooks seemingly has to offer the literary community but editing and scene fluidity needs to improve.

Ace of Spade Review

Ace of Hearts by Jean Holloway

This first book in what the author affectionately calls the Deck of Cards series has really captivated my interest because it was a very easy read. It moved along at a reasonable pace which allowed me to understand and feel for the minor characters. The author did a great job incorporating likeable characters among the deadliest phenoms she brought to life. I would have liked to have seen the main characters more developed historically so that I actually know why they interacted the way that they did. 

For a few readers, the book may appear full of murder and sex. But I assure you, there is enough suspense to envelope the entire book as the sinister deeds of maraud happen in the first 10 pages.

As the first African American female officer to lead her department, Detective Shevaughn Robinson experienced the most tempestuous day of her career. Basically, she meets the most alluring reporter that she has ever met who wants to get to know her in all senses of knowing.  Despite the fact that during her interview with this attractive Caucasian, she is then presented with a case that just might make-or-break her career.  A serial killer is on the prowl and he’s looking to meet a dream name Shevaughn.

A mastermind of sorts that absolutely has no mind left is the other main character of the story. Well actually, he is the story. Eric Becker a wealthy executive for an advertising firm, who is more secure with his corner office than he is with his sexual prowess. That is, until he got a taste of what really drives him wild. With Eric’s undeniable power and financial resources he gets more and more determined to quench his thirst for total domination over his intended targets. His appetite of desire takes a strong constitution to handle but an even stronger constitution to read, as he takes S&M to a whole other level. 
The reader can’t help but exhibit mixed emotions when reading each fetish scene.

Based on the ending of this book, and despite the fact that at times the storyline can be predicted, I would strongly recommend reading this book and the next installment to see how Jean Holloway continues the drama. 

Valentine Review by D.V. Hent

Valentine was hot, sexy and fast paced and yet seemed like a primetime movie on Sunday nights when Sunday's use to be great TV drama night.  The heroin named Charlie who was the most annoying character I had ever read. But as the reader I wanted her to have her just deserved vengeance on those that wronged her. However I didn't care for her overly zealous moral fiber that clearly made her a closet bi-curious woman. The author did a superb job of creating a female character with mixed emotions and who evoked mixed emotions.

My favorite character is the villainous vixen, known as Valentine, who was actually a hero that exuded a “bad girl” disposition. And I use that term very loosely. This woman was the pistol packing, knob slobbing, sexual deviant law breaker of the century. But with all her assets, crafts and technology it was hard to believe that she was unbreakable.

Between car chases, shoot outs, explosions and a death sentence, the author had Valentine virtually walking away unscathed. Although if you sit back and reflect on the events of the book it may seem unbelievable but is easily ignored due to the intensity of each scene.

As an assassin, predicting habit is expected but Valentine predicted habit and the future. This was truly a story for television, maybe even a cable series. A page turner to read, I really didn’t want to see this story end. There were a few editing mishaps but nothing that required a second look. The sarcastic banter was appropriately placed throughout the book and the sexual passages were not overly done to be misconstrued as lust or smut.

This was a well rolled out storyline with a twist at the end. I truly enjoyed the book and its characters (no matter how annoyed I got. But I could not help but thinking "Wow, this should be on TV."

You can take it as a good thing or a bad thing but I recommend you get a copy of Valentine to experience what power, money, sex, drama and sacrifice has to offer.

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July 29 Weekend Reading

Love Torn Asunder

Love Torn Asunder by Elizabeth Funderbirk 

In a battle of Ying and Yang, Leslie learns all about consequences. Allowing that part of her heart led by insecurities, Leslie makes decisions that will disrupt the very foundation she has built her life around. In an attempt to regain Balance she is faced with hard choices. That will not only impact the course of her life but those around her. While going along with Leslie on the bumpy road to Realization and Redemption. She is sure to make you re-think your outlook on Love, Lust and Loyalty.

Murderville: First of a Trilogy (Murderville Trilogy)
Murderville: First of a Trilogy by Ashley & JaQuavis  AMAZON PURCHASE

Two children from Sierra Leone, Liberty and A’shai, are brought together by chance only to be forced apart by the most inevitable and tragic fate. Ashley and JaQuavis bring us this classic love story set against modern life’s most horrifying realities.

Liberty is dying of a fatal heart condition, though she desperately wants to survive until her 25th birthday when her sister has promised to visit her.  A’shai blames himself for not protecting Liberty, but all Liberty asks is for A’shai to tell her a story, to help her remember what brought them to this point. He knows that this is the last story he will ever tell and the last she will ever hear.

As Liberty lies dying, A’shai walks her though their past, reliving their ill-fated journeys through the streets. Their story will take them from an arranged marriage, through Mexico’s drug cartel, child brothels, hustling in Detroit, to escaping the high-powered heads of L.A.’s underworld. But ultimately, this is a story of love and redemption that will leave you breathless from the unpredictable and mind-blowing ending.

Author Laura T. Johnson
Where Would I Be

Once separated by time and iron bars James is now back and claiming to be a changed man. But for every time Lisa says "no" a little more of who he really is resurfaces. James Harris is the man Lisa Jenson thought she would marry. He turned out to be the man who would almost kill her. Twice! Where Would I Be....on Kindle/Nook August 2nd!!!

Yesterday's LiesKindle version of Yesterday's Lies on sale for $2.99 on Amazon this weekend. Download yours today. No Kindle? No worries you can download free app to read the book on your PC

What Secrets Do You Keep From The One You Share Everything With? Secrets. Lies. Half-Truths. A poignant tale of a circle of close knit friends whose lives are more intertwined than they realize. That is until the blurred lines of Love, Lust and Friendship begins to reveal the half-truths and lies...

Single and a Mom

After much criticism and debate with other people in my position, here I am again trying to defend something that doesn’t make much sense to me.  Single Mommyhood.  It’s a shame because that isn’t even a word.  I typed it and my spell check went crazy.

But all in all here I am defending my position against those that ridicule and mind fornicate me into believing that this was a conscious choice I made, to be where I am and how I am.  In some respect they are right, because I CHOSE not to abort….but that is another topic. 

With statistics that say my child has a higher rate of imprisonment, early copulation, multiple sexual partners, anger management issues, gang affiliations, social disconnections, minimal moral character, lower test scores and all around being an educational failure. Why would any woman WANT to be a single mom?

Although it seems the odds are stacked against us, we top off our persecution with a question and answer session about the fathom man and his whereabouts.  As I silently contemplated my response, I wanted to say “That ghetto euphemism
crapped out, and lost the testicles he held on to so dearly, when trying to get me to believe that he was a real man.”

But instead I said “Baby your dad is a busy man who’s gotta work out some things within himself”. That was some nice defecation for a youngster to absorb, but instead of that being that, God gave me a child with a brain that has working synapses who continued to make me regret my sexual choices.  I don’t know how they do it but man o man they do it with such eloquence.

Like a locomotive, he began to roll full steam ahead with one question after another, as I shook my head and reached for my glass of brown poison. “Well mom what is he busy doing? Little Johnny’s dad always come to our recitals, did you invite my dad? When can he come visit or can we go see him?” and the worse one of them all, “Mom, are you the only family I got?”

CRACK!!!! My heart just broke.

For a single mom the fate of our child/ren is the most important decision making catalyst we have. Many would have you believe that single moms are the reason that our society is in shambles but I don’t agree.  Now, there will be some men who read this and not understand or like what I’m saying.  And that is okay because the truth is often the hardest thing to accept and equally hard to hear. Truth has no beauty in it and it has no outspoken recognizable friends.   It is however one vessel of empowerment and is guilt free.

But in order to combat an epidemic that according to most is the plight of African American cultures, it is necessary to tell the truth, and to accept your role in the demise of the race. A lot of single moms are that way because of divorce, their spouse died, or they just don’t want to expose their child/ren to random men. All of these things are understandable and noble reasons, however when the generalization is made, these noble moms get clumped with the bad specimens that use their uterus as a high paying job with vacation benefits.

There are good moms and not-so-good moms and respect is owed to those that are putting in the work instead of running away from their responsibilities and exalting in the ecstasy which bore fruit from those 30 minutes of sexual labor. Some of us chose to hold our head up high to nurture and cultivate the future we created and for that, you as the onlooker should be building our esteem, not tearing it down.
Society loves to focus on the negative, giving them all the attention that is undeserving of them and yet those that would appreciate an ounce of consideration are still waiting on our just due.

I write this article not to beat a dead horse or to dispel the validity of any statistics but I’m writing this article to say that despite popular belief most women don’t aim to be a single parent and most don’t even like it.  However it is a necessary evil and those of us that are doing our best and making the sacrifices for our children would appreciate if you back up off our coattails with the negative statistics, connotations and stereotypes.  In your backlash of single mommyhood it would probably be more beneficial if you aimed your rhetoric to a specific model, maybe even check those in your own family.

So in closing put that in your statistical pipe and smoke it!  Because I’m one of many single moms and proud of it and we will prove your negative analysis of us to be, not valid; without force or foundation and indefensible. Real Single Moms Holding it Down, UNITE!!!  If we don’t do it, who will?

Even Numbers Review

In 144 pages, my soul was traumatized!

144 pages?

Yep 144 pages filled with drama and misery moved me to the point of irreconcilable frustration. The author was successful in detailing the cyclic effects of child molestation and low self esteem in this unique book titled Even Numbers.

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? I know I did. And I think it’s safe to assume that Author Barbara Grovner did too. As Even Numbers is told from the perspective of a fly you can’t help but feel as helpless as the fly did as the story unfolds. His wings were tied just like my hands, as I read a story that made me want to be the protector of all children against the child predators of the world. 

James, Dominga and Olivia lend a hand to the author in painting a picture of an enormous amount of needy women that ignore or are unaware of the consequences their low self esteem attributes to.  As the reader follows the predator through the dark world of desperation for his next victim, the author drops clues and hints to the mindset of such a creature.

Since this book is a quick read, I won’t tell much of the story line, but I will say that on a grand scale of things this narrative has multiple purposes.  Not only does it entertain but it educates, it serves to be a channel for many girls and women to be able to relate without negative connotations, guilt or shame and to serve as a reminder that there is a need for everyone to be vigilant against the secret society of pedophiles. 

July 15 Weekend Reading #3
What if You Could Take it All Back? Jessica Jones never thought living her teenage dream would lead to a living nightmare. When she and her three best friends venture out on prom night, they’re drunk on young love and excited for their college plans. But a tragic inciden...

July 15 Weekend Reading #2


Read this only extraordinary drama-filled, explosive and captivating book! Tell us what would you do "For Love or Money?" We can't wait to see what you would do or which one you would choose!
For Love Or Money?: Drama Fiction Love Money Sherrie D Cotton

July 15 Weekend Reading #1

Are there any faithful partners out there? Certainly not in "Two Timers" by L.A. Smith. A collection of 6 hot short stories on Kindle & Nook for $.99. Muah!
This anthology contains six short stories about unfaithfulness in relationships. The Substitute. Brad had everything going for himself except a wife. He and Alison had been together since high school so it was perfect that the two tie the knot. But only one obstacle stands in the way of .....

July 8 Weekend Reading #4
Who better than a fly on the wall, to tell this narrative tale? After all a fly would have the best seat in the house when it comes to spying on a family, and things aren’t always as they seem, particularly in this home. After Dominga’s first husband abandoned her and their little g...

July 8 Weekend Reading #3

Two good friends, both killers...One is a cop, the other masquerades as an escort. As one discovers who the other truly is, a decision must be made. Now, one of them can't live while the other knows the truth. With 5-stars from OOSA, AAMBC and a host of others, Valentine is the perfect summertime read.
Sassia Santinos loves her life. She's carefree, financially independent and most importantly, sexually adventurous. Loving her job as an 'executive companion', she seems not to have a care in the world. But unknown to everyone, Sassia has a secret: she's an assassin by the name of Valentine. C...

July 8 Weekend Reading #2
Welcome to the Morning Perk, the best place in the neighborhood to grab a bite to eat, network, meet and mingle. The hustle and bustle as the traffic from every walk of life passes through its doors gives insight into four intriguing stories of love, lust, revenge, jealousy, and murder. Meet ...

July 8 Weekend Reading #1

The sample doesn't do it justice, however every taste is different, check this out and judge for yourself. Thanks Black Angle
Criminal attorney, Victor Rowe finds himself defending the man accused of murdering his girlfriend Erion Banks', former lover and the father of her only child. Victor wants to make her his wife but does she share the same feelings? Business owner Keon 'KC' Carter is caught betwee...

MPire: In Search of the Lost and MPire: Death Cometh

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!”  I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelations 6:7-8 NIV

It seems that I never thought I could read 2 books in a week. But when the stories are as intriguing and drama filled like the ones I read, it is very easy to do. MPire: In Search of the Lost and MPire: Death Cometh had my neighborhood burning and household items hitting the floor all by themselves, literally. Now although I don’t believe in the supernatural so to speak, I do believe there are things out of our control that we can’t explain.

And this is where these books and its main character come in.  After falling in love with Mallory Haulm and his soul searching 4th horseman status known as Death. I’ve determined I need to get my life in order. Or at least put it in alignment with something. Many of the reviews of this series so far have talked about the story but I’ve found the characters are far more entertaining than the storyline.

Those brave enough to have read the book of revelations, have an idea about the story of Armageddon, but TL James has brought a humanistic side to the key players of that story. She has given them trials and tribulations and even the occasional question of doubt.

Mallory Haulm is searching for his soul and is the taker of other souls. He doesn’t take his charge lightly but he doesn’t understand why he can't walk away from it.  He is bombarded with childhood disasters, whorish tendencies and his occasional sexual preference indecisiveness. But all in all, his external persona is magnificent and is a very realistic character as we all know those that LOOK well put together on the outside and are a wreck waiting to happen internally.

His brother Marek another character driven by guilt is quite mixed on the emotional front. He is the horseman of War, but when it comes to his baby brother he is all love. 

Marc is Pestilence and is one evil bastard, while Marlon is Famine and is the only underdeveloped character of the book.  And Malcolm, the father of one but the hater of all, he is the precious 4th horseman that will not relinquish himself to his son because he knows he will be a dead man if he does.

This book is full of quick wit and comedic dialogue. However if you are not comfortable with twisting religious ideology, homosexuality, murder, incest, and profanity, then you may want to select another book, like crochet.

But I highly recommend this series because it's fresh and fast paced. Armageddon is approaching and everyone needs to be prepared for battle. Knowing your role is no longer enough, you have to be able to defend it. Do you know what side you will sit on? 

"It's amazing how you can walk through life and not know anything." From MPire Death Cometh-Mallory Haulm

American Chain Gang!

What are your thoughts on this immigrants being cheap labor. Or the fact that black people aren't considered or the fact that prisoners are doing it......Let's converse.

The Frog Pond Review

I know what I can say about The Frog Pond and I know what I shouldn’t say about it but one thing is for sure, it was definitely a storyline of such that I’ve never read before. It opened with a violently dramatic sex scene that would leave most people shuddering in their skin and reaching for their bibles to pray for the soul of the author.  Needless to say, I didn’t do that.But I was captivated from that point forward to get to the root of what transpired to cause such an opening.

One drawback to the book is that it had too many characters in the story. For many readers the beginning chapters could be hard to follow. Even though each character has a connection to another you can easily be swept away by the unimportant characters and their storylines, but that soon changes after the first few chapters.

As I continued on my mission of reading this provocative and sexually explicit drama while it unraveled, I became quite pleased with the outcome and how the story molded itself together.

The world’s view of professional sports and its players may never be the same because of the stories depicted in this book. It is almost as if the author had insight into the sport and sport management industries because it was just that believable.  The secret societies, the homophobic cover-ups, and the down low nation in all its glory, have set the back drop for the tale of the main characters Anderijo and his love Denard.  

But the main story that lies between the obsessions of these men was the story that speaks volumes of knowing and being comfortable with who you are as a person.  Recognizing and admitting to your insecurities, mending broken childhood pain and of course acceptance and love.

Within the murders, sex, incest, adultery and sports, I really appreciate the effort the author put in trying to pull together real life events into a society many feel, live in perfection. Thank you Author Otis Randolf for a well written story.

With the plot thickening like a great nighttime drama on TV, this book leaves a cliffhanger that hopefully book two will solve for all those loose ends left behind.   I enjoyed reading this book and wish many more successfully controversial books from Otis Randolf. The Frog Pond is a must get for the not faint at heart. PHEInk Publishing has done it again. 

Black or White?

For my blog, I'm usually not an advocate of promoting another blog but I must say, I took a lot of interest in the opinion that this person expressed about Black and White Fiction. Take a look at it and voice your opinion on his page or mine. But this is definitely something to think about.

Marketing ploy or Racial profiling, you be the judge! 

What Side of the Debate do you Sit, on Charter Schools?

Many say it's a waste of money and resources. Many say they are better than public schools and equip the students with better teachers because they can be privately run. Huffington Post has a series of articles on this topic, because education is a hot topic in every state across the country. But I only wanted to pick one that was close to home. Wanna know what I think? Just ask, LOL.

I Applaud a Teacher That Takes Action on an Unruly Student

John Edwards charged in felony indictment

A federal grand jury has indicted two-time presidential candidate John Edwards over massive sums of money spent to keep his mistress in hiding during the peak of his 2008 campaign for the White House.

I’m comfortable in my skin but I don’t like that chick in the mirror.

Movie stars, family members and even society tell women to be comfortable in your skin, but they forgot to send the memo to my eye balls. You see,  it seems that every time they take a gander at the image in the mirror they send a distress call to my mind that ask for an immediate issue of a “vacate the premises order”.

As I shake my head and my eyes fill with salty water that want to streak the round cheeks on my face, I can’t help but wonder what happen? How did I get to the point in my development that I became the most curvaceous thing in my house?   And I say thing because there is nothing else round in my house, but according to some clothing websites I’m rectangle.

Rectangle? Really, another flippin shape, wonderful!  As more thoughts fill my mind, I can’t tear my eyes away from the mirror that is taunting me with every menacing reflection of the dimple here and the dent there. I mean really, how many dents and dimples does a person need? I’m a work of art, sculpted even, but it looks like the creator isn’t finished.   But yet, I stand there and gather my physical appearance so I can say “I’m comfortable in my skin” and leave the bathroom.

As my day progresses and it just happens to be approaching the weekend I’m invited to various parties and gatherings. I’m elated that people think enough of me to want me around, I mean why wouldn’t they because I’m great to be around. But in the back of my mind, the brain is saying to decline, decline now and spare myself the aggravation.  Make up some story about a prior engagement, sick kid at home or something, and as I fix my full lips to utter the words I realized I dodged the bullet last time and this time I have to go. 

Back to shaking my head.

Pretty soon my head is going to fall off because I keep shaking it all the time.  The reason I should/need/want to decline is because now I gotta find something to wear on this masterpiece of unfinished sculpture.

Still shaking.

Work day over and off to the house to plan my wardrobe for the start of the festivities for the weekend. But first, pit stop V-line to the Wii to dance some pounds (preferably inches) away.  After 30 minutes of Twist and Shout and my sad interpretation of Michael Jackson moves, I hit the shower, avoiding the onlooker that looks like me.

I’m good and ready to put on that stunna top with the sexy jeans that have been in the closet since I bought them.  “Hold it…..Hold it”, turning blue trying to button the damn jeans, so how sexy is that?  Next move, peel them off and put on a body foundation garment.  Okay now the hunt is on for the only item guaranteed to get my round bodacious curvy buttocks in them jeans.

“Gotcha!” Mission accomplished, after painting on the famously infamous body shaper I feel like Mike Tyson on those jeans. I’m the conqueror! Got them on and buttoned. Got the shirt on and laced and then I head to the mirror.  I take a gander in the mirror and DAMN!  What was once bodacious and curvy is now a solid mass of square. I mean, I know I’m a rectangle with dents and dimples but really, in 3D?

Well too late to fix it, this is going to have to do and I’m going to have to be “comfortable in my skin” yet once again.  I love me really I do, but at times the reflection reminds me of the insecurities that caused me to become the specimen I am. All the rejections and comparisons, all the you’re great but you can always be better, have caused me to become a walking food taster. I see it, I gotta taste it, and don’t smell really good. 

Shaking Shaking

Alright never mind, makeup on, killer shoes and accessories checked. Out the door I head for an evening of phony smiles and cordial hellos. 

At the lounge swiveling in my chair taking in the scene on the dance floor sipping on my moscato, the inviters come over to say hello and say how nice I look.  I sheepishly say thank you, and make up an excuse for my otherwise out of character attire, “Yea girl, I clean up well, don’t I?” Although I really don’t care about the answer I do want the crowd’s verbal confirmation of approval of my comment.

Talk about contradiction.  Shaking.

As I sit and ponder on the exchange, I really want confirmation from a man to say how nice I look. It’s almost as if, it’s not real until HE says it.  But as I sit and wait and my yearning to hear a voice deeper than mine play tag with my esteem I really do wonder to myself, am I really comfortable with the skin I’m in or am I wishing the skin was thicker so I wouldn’t care if the compliments are fake or not?