The Balcony View - Author Katrina Gurl

First of all, thanks to Ms. Daring for allowing a place for new authors to display their work. She has become an intricate part of our success.

BOOK: "The Balcony View - Introduction of the Lovers" (Short Stories) by Katrina Gurl

SYNOPSIS: There are five basic stages of love:

Attraction, Romance, Passion, Intimacy and Commitment. Learn how love develops between lovers from The Balcony View as you are introduced to their lives of conflict, sexuality and dilemma. Relationships take work, patience and earnest cultivating to be successful...

"Of This Analverse" (An Erotiq Comedy) - Chamsil

Released via the web: October 2008
SYNOPSIS: Atlanta Tech University, 21st century. Jackson, Ollie, Spencer, Yushraf and Flashy are members of the ATU Basketball Team. After the team suffers a catastrophic blow, they each fall beneath the radar in order to regroup and prepare for what lies ahead...that is until one of them presents a wager that the rest feel that they just can't refuse.The campus of Atlanta Tech University will NEVER be the same again....