A Deadly Encounter by K.R. Bankston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kr Bankston got this smash hit book series coined The Gianni Legacy. It starts with its main character Devastator aka Dezi Gianni. Who is, based on Ms. Bankston's imagery and through my eyes, tall, dark and extremely slap your momma handsome. He knows what he wants and who he wants and how he is going to get it. From love to business he is determined to be successful and respected. Never under estimate the power of this man or the ability to pull together a story like KR Bankston did.

The heroin Kayla DeWitt, is beautiful, driven and unapologetically successful. She holds the key to Devastator’s sensitive side and yet has trouble being forthcoming with her deeply rooted feelings of insecurity and fear. When the two main characters meet there are fireworks, literally and metaphorically. Their lives as cliché as it sounds won't be the same.

There are many subordinate characters that make the story interesting and the plot move. Their roles in the storyline pull at your emotions and make you want to read more. KR Bankston has done a phenomenal job not only of creating a story of love, drama, values and deception but also making the reader believe in fairytales.

This book has definitely set the tone for the rest of the trilogy that will be hard to match. However clearly reading the talents of this author, I'm positive that she won't disappoint or hold back.
If you are looking for a good book that is a page turner with sensual sex scenes, betrayal and murder add A Deadly Encounter to your library.

To Review or Not Review: That’s an Easy One
When I decided I wanted to start reviewing books, I had no

idea what I was getting myself in to. But I’m glad I did. 
Whether self proclaimed or taught, novice or well versed,
a key to reviewing is “loving the art of reading.” I’ve 
never said or will say I’m an expert; however I believe
like many others that... I can pick a good book.

I don’t do it for the money or the perks, (although I 

won’t turn them down, LOL) I do it because I have 
that key. From time to time I have experienced 
negativity from veteran reviewers. But I’m here to say
I’m not in competition with other reviewers; there are 
way too many readers out there that need all of us to 
be truthful about the quality of work that is produced.

Everyone isn’t going to like my review or my review style;

however, if I’m going to review and promote a book I 
have to experience books from a different perspective.
Being a reviewer has given me an opportunity to realize
that not all thoughts are bad; that when birthed with a pen
and paper the love for those words will forever connect
the author with its audience.

I’ve further realized that there are tons of talented 

independent artist that unfortunately do not receive the 
recognition that they should. As their books range from; 
the diamonds in the rough to the pearls of wisdom, and 
around the encouraging gem of financial sophistication. 
Genres of all areas including urban (street lit) and speculative
fiction. No stone has been unturned by the independent authors.

When called upon to review a book, I’ve detailed my job to

include, reading the book, critiquing the concept and the
flow of the book and because I believe a positive review 
should receive extended coverage of the book and its 
writer whenever/wherever possible, promoting the book.

I can’t stress enough the surprise of talent I’ve received in

the last 8 months. So I guess the reasons (more than one)
I review are; because I love to clasp my hands around a good 
book, to network with people who are pursuing their dreams
without regret and aiding those that are doing something positive
with their time and talents.

So thank you to all those that appreciate my reviews as well 

as those that don’t understand my flow. Thank you to all the
writers that are making quality lit for the entertainment of people 
like me that can value a good read.

Ms Daring - 
Founder of The Daring Show Reading Club

Unbeknownst - Chamsil
It is hard to write a unique story. And with that being said, most stories are not unique but with precision offer a unique perspective. Unbeknownst has done just that. Not sure if the author meant for the idea of choices to be his focal point. But right from the beginning it almost seemed clear who the main character was but as the book progressed it seemed that almost every character was the “main” character. This tale about life, choices, circumstance and accountability takes you through a whirlwind of emotions. You will cheer and be proud of in one instance and mad and horrified at another. Check out Unbeknownst at and experience a pivotal tale of families who are torn apart by the choices they made. 

A Ho Needs 2 Stay in a Hoe's Place - Tonja Ayers

The title alone got myself and a few other members wanting to read it. That was good. Chapter 1 and 2 were pretty entertaining and held my attention for more raw and real scenarios. The problem was that I 
didn't get what I wanted. As a few readers...informed me, they didn't either.

As I begin to embark on a new endeavor in the literary field, you won't ever read a review from me bashing the craft of an artist. However I will offer a suggestion or two. For this author all I want to suggest is to keep writing you have done something so many can't, won't and probably shouldn't do.

The material will come and the reviews will become great.Ms Daring, founder of The Daring Show Reading Club and host of The Daring Show