Ace of Spade Review

Ace of Hearts by Jean Holloway

This first book in what the author affectionately calls the Deck of Cards series has really captivated my interest because it was a very easy read. It moved along at a reasonable pace which allowed me to understand and feel for the minor characters. The author did a great job incorporating likeable characters among the deadliest phenoms she brought to life. I would have liked to have seen the main characters more developed historically so that I actually know why they interacted the way that they did. 

For a few readers, the book may appear full of murder and sex. But I assure you, there is enough suspense to envelope the entire book as the sinister deeds of maraud happen in the first 10 pages.

As the first African American female officer to lead her department, Detective Shevaughn Robinson experienced the most tempestuous day of her career. Basically, she meets the most alluring reporter that she has ever met who wants to get to know her in all senses of knowing.  Despite the fact that during her interview with this attractive Caucasian, she is then presented with a case that just might make-or-break her career.  A serial killer is on the prowl and he’s looking to meet a dream name Shevaughn.

A mastermind of sorts that absolutely has no mind left is the other main character of the story. Well actually, he is the story. Eric Becker a wealthy executive for an advertising firm, who is more secure with his corner office than he is with his sexual prowess. That is, until he got a taste of what really drives him wild. With Eric’s undeniable power and financial resources he gets more and more determined to quench his thirst for total domination over his intended targets. His appetite of desire takes a strong constitution to handle but an even stronger constitution to read, as he takes S&M to a whole other level. 
The reader can’t help but exhibit mixed emotions when reading each fetish scene.

Based on the ending of this book, and despite the fact that at times the storyline can be predicted, I would strongly recommend reading this book and the next installment to see how Jean Holloway continues the drama. 

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