Valentine Review by D.V. Hent

Valentine was hot, sexy and fast paced and yet seemed like a primetime movie on Sunday nights when Sunday's use to be great TV drama night.  The heroin named Charlie who was the most annoying character I had ever read. But as the reader I wanted her to have her just deserved vengeance on those that wronged her. However I didn't care for her overly zealous moral fiber that clearly made her a closet bi-curious woman. The author did a superb job of creating a female character with mixed emotions and who evoked mixed emotions.

My favorite character is the villainous vixen, known as Valentine, who was actually a hero that exuded a “bad girl” disposition. And I use that term very loosely. This woman was the pistol packing, knob slobbing, sexual deviant law breaker of the century. But with all her assets, crafts and technology it was hard to believe that she was unbreakable.

Between car chases, shoot outs, explosions and a death sentence, the author had Valentine virtually walking away unscathed. Although if you sit back and reflect on the events of the book it may seem unbelievable but is easily ignored due to the intensity of each scene.

As an assassin, predicting habit is expected but Valentine predicted habit and the future. This was truly a story for television, maybe even a cable series. A page turner to read, I really didn’t want to see this story end. There were a few editing mishaps but nothing that required a second look. The sarcastic banter was appropriately placed throughout the book and the sexual passages were not overly done to be misconstrued as lust or smut.

This was a well rolled out storyline with a twist at the end. I truly enjoyed the book and its characters (no matter how annoyed I got. But I could not help but thinking "Wow, this should be on TV."

You can take it as a good thing or a bad thing but I recommend you get a copy of Valentine to experience what power, money, sex, drama and sacrifice has to offer.

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