"Of This Analverse" (An Erotiq Comedy) - Chamsil

Released via the web: October 2008
SYNOPSIS: Atlanta Tech University, 21st century. Jackson, Ollie, Spencer, Yushraf and Flashy are members of the ATU Basketball Team. After the team suffers a catastrophic blow, they each fall beneath the radar in order to regroup and prepare for what lies ahead...that is until one of them presents a wager that the rest feel that they just can't refuse.The campus of Atlanta Tech University will NEVER be the same again....

THE EXCERPT: Bianca had Ollie pressed up against the wall in her dorm. She was topless and wetting the side of his neck with her moist tongue. Ollie was also topless, so his torso felt every sensation of her billowy soft breasts on his skin. He couldn't help but giggle as she licked his neck. She definitely was hitting sensitive spots."I could not stop thinking about you since I saw you at the library that day." Bianca explained as she shifted to the other side of his neck in order to balance out the attention."Well, you got what you wanted. So, now it's all about what you're gonna do with it." Ollie responded."I know what I'm a do with it, alright." She stressed as she began unbuttoning his pants.Once unhinged, she reached past his boxer shorts and grabbed a firm hold of his dick and began massaging it. Ollie began breathing a little heavier as she did this to him."This is what I'm a do with it." She said as she dropped to her knees, pulling down his pants and underwear in one swoop.She put her mouth around his hard dick and deep-throated it with every inward motion. She lubed all over his dick like it was taking a bath, while repeatedly pinching and releasing the grip on one of her nipples."I know that I'm tipsy and this might actually be the liquor talking, but you taste good." Bianca expressed as she looked up at him."Damn baby. You are a straight up freak. What would your man think about what you're doing to me right now?" He asked as he looked down upon her."You let me worry about that, okay?" She responded before getting back to the task at hand."It's out of mind, effective…now." Ollie moaned as his eyes repeatedly flickered and he propped his head against the wall for support.

Eventually, they ended up in the bed that was situated just around the corner.Ollie stood on the edge of the bed with nothing on but socks and sneakers. These artifacts were simply for leverage as he fucked Bianca from the rear. Slow music, courtesy of the Late Night Snax radio show, bellowed from the clock radio that was positioned on her nightstand. She became oversaturated at a point to where Ollie felt no friction. However, over time the friction returned, which made it a more pleasurable experience for the both of them."Pull my hair." Bianca moaned as she slowly arched her neck back.Ollie grabbed a heaping helping of her hair and pulled it slightly towards him. The harder he fucked her, the louder she became. Her voice had become so elevated, that he released his grip and instructed her to bite her pillow. Once she did, he blew her back out even more.She came three times that morning. The liquor and persistent thrashing gradually took its toll, as she struggled to hold on to whatever smidgen of energy that she had left. This didn't bother Ollie in the least bit. He continued to fuck the shit out of her until he got his nut off, and lastly exited the residence. She was left sound asleep marinating in a puddle of her own love juices.
"Of This Analverse" was independently conceptualized, created, marketed and distributed by myself, CHAMSIL, via MySpace on October 2, 2008 for FREE DOWNLOAD. It is still available for FREE and is in PDF format. The book has had over one hundred and twenty (120) downloads/distributions since its release.If interested in downloading/reading the book, please visit www.myspace.com/chamsil. You can't miss link to access the book in the blogspace. Trailers, graphics, reader reviews, etc. are viewable.Thanks for reading.With regards,--CHAMSIL (The Writer)

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