The Balcony View - Author Katrina Gurl

First of all, thanks to Ms. Daring for allowing a place for new authors to display their work. She has become an intricate part of our success.

BOOK: "The Balcony View - Introduction of the Lovers" (Short Stories) by Katrina Gurl

SYNOPSIS: There are five basic stages of love:

Attraction, Romance, Passion, Intimacy and Commitment. Learn how love develops between lovers from The Balcony View as you are introduced to their lives of conflict, sexuality and dilemma. Relationships take work, patience and earnest cultivating to be successful...

The Balcony View Books will become a navigational tool for REAL RELATIONSHIPS and REAL COUPLES. The stories within each continued series may be one that you identify with. See which couple identifies with YOU.

Chapter One - The Balcony View
Noreen & Trent

Trent’s interest was peaked so quickly that he had no time to think…only act. He stops her in mid turn again as she’d almost reached the balcony entrance and said, “Well, I’m here for a short getaway in between a business deal so, perhaps your plans may include me if you’re here alone as I…I’d love some company.” He said in one breath.

Chapter Two - The Battle of the Sexes
Sholondrah & Langston

Sholondrah is the ONLY person known to match Langston’s wit, crucial thinking and educated quick responses. For the past six years Langston has never battled her with heartfelt confident success. Their debates always derive from the same thing, The Battle of the Sexes! She'd complain about men being very confusing in what they really wanted and he'd complain about how women had no idea what they wanted even when it stared them in the face. Langston felt he was the total package and any woman blessed to graze the likes of his arm should not only be happy, but also in honor of him choosing her.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born and raised in California, Katrina spent her early years raising a family of four beautiful children and sharing life with her loving husband. She became intrested in writing during high school. Katrina's biggest dream is to create a sensual and guilt free haven for couples to enjoy the art of sensually written literature. Katrina feels that intimacy is created spiritually by God between a woman and a man through holy matrimony while respecting and honoring each others bodies. Currently, Katrina is working on continued volumes of The Balcony View Books. She plans to bring each character to life, leaving each reader wanting more in every volume.


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  1. I found this book very well written for a new author. The characters show playfulness, lust and life. The marketing of producing a book with the introduction of one chapter for each main character, I believe is very creative. It leaves the reader to want more. With that being said, I wish there was a second book already available to follow up. However, this is not the case and I hope that the readers will continue to keep this book on their minds so that the successor book can be just as impressive. I wish Katrina Gurl success in her future endeavors.

    Ms Daring, Founder of The Daring Show Reading Club and Host of The Daring Show