Even Numbers Review

In 144 pages, my soul was traumatized!

144 pages?

Yep 144 pages filled with drama and misery moved me to the point of irreconcilable frustration. The author was successful in detailing the cyclic effects of child molestation and low self esteem in this unique book titled Even Numbers.

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? I know I did. And I think it’s safe to assume that Author Barbara Grovner did too. As Even Numbers is told from the perspective of a fly you can’t help but feel as helpless as the fly did as the story unfolds. His wings were tied just like my hands, as I read a story that made me want to be the protector of all children against the child predators of the world. 

James, Dominga and Olivia lend a hand to the author in painting a picture of an enormous amount of needy women that ignore or are unaware of the consequences their low self esteem attributes to.  As the reader follows the predator through the dark world of desperation for his next victim, the author drops clues and hints to the mindset of such a creature.

Since this book is a quick read, I won’t tell much of the story line, but I will say that on a grand scale of things this narrative has multiple purposes.  Not only does it entertain but it educates, it serves to be a channel for many girls and women to be able to relate without negative connotations, guilt or shame and to serve as a reminder that there is a need for everyone to be vigilant against the secret society of pedophiles. 

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