July 8 Weekend Reading #3

Two good friends, both killers...One is a cop, the other masquerades as an escort. As one discovers who the other truly is, a decision must be made. Now, one of them can't live while the other knows the truth. With 5-stars from OOSA, AAMBC and a host of others, Valentine is the perfect summertime read.
Sassia Santinos loves her life. She's carefree, financially independent and most importantly, sexually adventurous. Loving her job as an 'executive companion', she seems not to have a care in the world. But unknown to everyone, Sassia has a secret: she's an assassin by the name of Valentine. C...

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  1. Thank you Daring Show, I REALLY appreciate the love...and the exposure. If anyone wants to find out more about me or the novels, I can be reached at dvhent@gmail.com, nipressbook.com, or naughtyinkpress.com. Thanks again!!!