July 29 Weekend Reading

Love Torn Asunder

Love Torn Asunder by Elizabeth Funderbirk 

In a battle of Ying and Yang, Leslie learns all about consequences. Allowing that part of her heart led by insecurities, Leslie makes decisions that will disrupt the very foundation she has built her life around. In an attempt to regain Balance she is faced with hard choices. That will not only impact the course of her life but those around her. While going along with Leslie on the bumpy road to Realization and Redemption. She is sure to make you re-think your outlook on Love, Lust and Loyalty.

Murderville: First of a Trilogy (Murderville Trilogy)
Murderville: First of a Trilogy by Ashley & JaQuavis  AMAZON PURCHASE

Two children from Sierra Leone, Liberty and A’shai, are brought together by chance only to be forced apart by the most inevitable and tragic fate. Ashley and JaQuavis bring us this classic love story set against modern life’s most horrifying realities.

Liberty is dying of a fatal heart condition, though she desperately wants to survive until her 25th birthday when her sister has promised to visit her.  A’shai blames himself for not protecting Liberty, but all Liberty asks is for A’shai to tell her a story, to help her remember what brought them to this point. He knows that this is the last story he will ever tell and the last she will ever hear.

As Liberty lies dying, A’shai walks her though their past, reliving their ill-fated journeys through the streets. Their story will take them from an arranged marriage, through Mexico’s drug cartel, child brothels, hustling in Detroit, to escaping the high-powered heads of L.A.’s underworld. But ultimately, this is a story of love and redemption that will leave you breathless from the unpredictable and mind-blowing ending.

Author Laura T. Johnson
Where Would I Be

Once separated by time and iron bars James is now back and claiming to be a changed man. But for every time Lisa says "no" a little more of who he really is resurfaces. James Harris is the man Lisa Jenson thought she would marry. He turned out to be the man who would almost kill her. Twice! Where Would I Be....on Kindle/Nook August 2nd!!!

Yesterday's LiesKindle version of Yesterday's Lies on sale for $2.99 on Amazon this weekend. Download yours today. No Kindle? No worries you can download free app to read the book on your PC


What Secrets Do You Keep From The One You Share Everything With? Secrets. Lies. Half-Truths. A poignant tale of a circle of close knit friends whose lives are more intertwined than they realize. That is until the blurred lines of Love, Lust and Friendship begins to reveal the half-truths and lies...

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