The Frog Pond Review

I know what I can say about The Frog Pond and I know what I shouldn’t say about it but one thing is for sure, it was definitely a storyline of such that I’ve never read before. It opened with a violently dramatic sex scene that would leave most people shuddering in their skin and reaching for their bibles to pray for the soul of the author.  Needless to say, I didn’t do that.But I was captivated from that point forward to get to the root of what transpired to cause such an opening.

One drawback to the book is that it had too many characters in the story. For many readers the beginning chapters could be hard to follow. Even though each character has a connection to another you can easily be swept away by the unimportant characters and their storylines, but that soon changes after the first few chapters.

As I continued on my mission of reading this provocative and sexually explicit drama while it unraveled, I became quite pleased with the outcome and how the story molded itself together.

The world’s view of professional sports and its players may never be the same because of the stories depicted in this book. It is almost as if the author had insight into the sport and sport management industries because it was just that believable.  The secret societies, the homophobic cover-ups, and the down low nation in all its glory, have set the back drop for the tale of the main characters Anderijo and his love Denard.  

But the main story that lies between the obsessions of these men was the story that speaks volumes of knowing and being comfortable with who you are as a person.  Recognizing and admitting to your insecurities, mending broken childhood pain and of course acceptance and love.

Within the murders, sex, incest, adultery and sports, I really appreciate the effort the author put in trying to pull together real life events into a society many feel, live in perfection. Thank you Author Otis Randolf for a well written story.

With the plot thickening like a great nighttime drama on TV, this book leaves a cliffhanger that hopefully book two will solve for all those loose ends left behind.   I enjoyed reading this book and wish many more successfully controversial books from Otis Randolf. The Frog Pond is a must get for the not faint at heart. PHEInk Publishing has done it again. 

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