Are you sure you're a Man?

I have had enough of boys trying to be men. Now I’m sure you want to know what I’m talking about. Well just last week, I was in a social environment and an ex acquaintance came in with his new victim of the evening. We acknowledged each other and kept moving along.

After he got full of alcohol (Problem 1) he decided, at that moment it would be a good time to approach me and have a secret conversation (Problem 2).

Did I happen to mention that I was conversing with a gentleman at the time? Well needless to say, my ex deciding to ease right behind me and whisper in my ear (Problem 3). Only to talk about how much he liked my past sexual performances (Problem 4).

Now let me address all problems with the following statement. GROW UP, BOY!!!

Real Men can control their liquor and their actions. I know that alcohol can lose any inhibitions but then why would you have inhibitions with someone you’ve been with already? I really need for the boys of the world to respect the women they are with and respect the company that I keep.

Real Men would not openly disrespect any woman they walk into an establishment with. If you are with her, be with her. You chose her so deal with the bed you made. Don’t be disrespectful because she will sense it and eventually turn bitter. She will then run up on a good man and not recognize him. She will miss her blessing because of your retarded actions. Get a clue boys if you feel you don’t have a good woman that is probably because you are not a Man. You attract what you release.

Real Men would not have to secretly talk to anybody. They would be confident in their actions. They would also have nothing to hide from because they wouldn’t be out of line.
Get a clue, you make this dating thing much harder than it needs to be with all your sneaking.

Real Men don’t have a need to talk about how well your sexual performances were. That is a dead give-away that all you want from the woman you are talking to is sex. If you can’t find anything better to talk about then you are limited in your development.

Real Men can talk about more than just sex. They also know more about life than just sex.
If I would have slapped the taste out his mouth then I would have been wrong, but at least for once I would have been satisfied. You are an EX for a reason, not a season, but for a lifetime.

Come to terms with that and move on. Real Women don’t play with other folks kids. Please let the testicles hang, walk with some pride and represent a character of undisputable decorum. If you don’t want a crackhead, then stop acting like one.

This is my opinion and you are welcome to express your own. I Dare You!

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  1. That's nothing but the honest to God truth. You harvest what you plant. You can't expect to get a peach when you planted a nut. Real men attract real women. Crackheads attract all that other trash. Plain and simple!